What it tests?

July 21, 2016

Core Complexity Assessments uses the Model of Hierarchical Complexity to analyze and synthesize information required for problem solving and decision making in management. We measure how complex tasks are and whether someone is likely to complete tasks of that difficulty as well as identify occupational interests to tease out activities that are most reinforcing to employees.

Our Tools

Decision Making Instrument

decision making 2

+ Measures the candidate’s or employee’s ability to reason, problem-solve, and make appropriate decisions

+ Candidates or employees detect casual relationships

Perspective Taking Instrument

perspective taking

+ Measures the candidate’s or employee’s ability to understand social situations and people’s mental states

+ Candidates or employees gauge the helpfulness and quality of guidance of varied hypothetical helpers

+ All the helpers’ stories follow a common theme, but they differ in how well they performed the task

Holland’s Interest Test


+ Teases out the candidate’s or employee’s personality-career match

+ Categories of: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional

+ Creates a closer match between personality-career match and current role, increasing career satisfaction and performance