July 20, 2016
“As the Director of Program Management at a major not-for- profit company I was responsible for many large, multi-million dollar programs that impacted all of the employees of the company. Therefore it was critical that my department hired and retained the best project and program managers available. A good fit between the managers and their projects was essential to the success of the project and meeting company objectives. Prior to using Core Complexity assessments (CCA) for hiring and assigning managers in my department, we relied on personality tests and interviews. Once I saw both the quantitative and qualitative data CCA assessments gave the department, I could see the importance of understanding an employee’s cognitive stage and how that fit with their assigned projects, job, personality, and their ability to perform the work necessary for success. CCA assessments will now be considered an important tool in our project management toolbox.”
Becky Tipton
Director of Program Management, Blood Systems

“For organizations to survive and thrive in these times of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) it is essential to attract and retain employees with highly developed complex thinking skills. The model of hierarchical complexity, MHC, is the most reliable and accurate method of assessing individuals’ stage of complex thinking available. It relies on several decades of high quality research in many different subject areas and is an invaluable tool for me and my research team when performing research on leadership development. Not only does MHC offer a tool for assessing complex thinking skills, it also provides a perspective and language that can help one develop one’s own ability for complex thinking.”
Kristian Stålne

Assistant Professor, Malmö University (Sweden)

“I have never before encountered a theory with this wide an applicability and which elucidates so many topics within so many disciplines. From arranging theories in natural science, to understanding the blind spots of social science and psychology, to gaining a framework for arranging legal theory, to simply understanding the thoughts, behaviors and ideas of the people around me – indeed, even myself – I have found uses of the MHC that are simply not available anywhere else in the world. Deep understanding of the MHC, which is achievable through only a brief study, gives you a head start in almost any field you might work in or study, It is simply incredibly useful.”

Daniel Gortz
Independent Scholar