Perspective Taking Instrument

August 7, 2015

The following six scenarios describe six different Helpers trying to help six different people. The six different people have similar serious problems. It is now time to decide whether to support each Helper’s plan to improve the person’s situation. The six Helpers equally care for the people. They highly recommend and provide the same basic plans to help the person, but carry them out in different ways. In the following six paragraphs, the Helpers’ accurate accounts of their usual interaction with each person are given. Please rate each Helper’s method by answering the questions that follow. A rating of 1 means you strongly disagree with the method of the helper. A rating of 6 means you strongly agree with the method of the Helper.

Each paragraph consists of many similar simple sentences. However, they are organized in different ways. Pay attention to how good each Helper’s method is. You can read all the stories before you rate any of them, but in the end please be sure to rate every question. Thank you!